Vibration measurement of any object according to your order in any region of Russia and CIS devices BALTECH quickly and efficiently carry out our specialist maintenance Department.

More than fifteen years, we have been measuring vibrations of industrial equipment and have extensive experience and knowledge to meet the challenges of reducing harmful vibration and operational finding defects in all types of industrial equipment. Today we are trusted by over 300 businesses that we serve monthly in the direction of vibration measurement, nondestructive testing mechanisms and equipment adjusting.

The lead time for the measurement of vibration
After receipt of the order from you, we will fly to you within 1-3 days and depending on the number of objects efficiently perform an initial vibration measurement. Before performing the vibration analysis of your equipment our experts will send you a questionnaire to specify the type of equipment, its components and technical characteristics.

Why vibration measurement is better to order a “BALTECH”company?

In the market of Russia and CIS countries a lot of offers from different companies, but we recommend you to contact our Department of Technical Service (OTS).

First, we study methods of measuring vibration in Europe and the United States for fifteen years, the staff of the company BALTECH is more than 50 experienced employees.

Second, we conduct vibration measurements only the best equipment in the world.
Simple work to reduce the cost we hold the best BALTECH VP-3410, explosion-proof vibration meter-balancer BALTECH VP-3470-Ex with the software BALTECH-Expert, and for critical equipment, we only use the vibration analyzer No. 1 CSI 2140.

Thirdly, the main tasks of vibration measurement is not only
measuring and finding the reasons of defects or residual life of the inspected equipment. Applying a comprehensive approach of the concept “reliability Technologies” and additional instruments of technical diagnostics you get from us a full report with recommendations on necessary repair work. Our examination and measurement of vibration allows to reduce up to 30% of your costs for equipment repairs. We can identify more than 200 types of defects![/smaller]

vibration Measurement and vibration diagnostics equipment what we do?

  1. Diagnosis of all types of bearings (rolling, sliding, magnetic and air)
  2. Diagnosis of all types of pumps and pumping units (centrifugal, screw, vortex, jet, rotary, impeller, lobe and peristaltic)
  3. Diagnosis of compressors (rotative, piston, screw, scroll)
  4. Diagnostics gear (cylindrical gear, worm, gear worm)
  5. Diagnostics of fans and exhaust fans (axial, centrifugal, diagonal and tangentially)
  6. vibration elimination and vibration measurement of turbines (steam and gas)
  7. Measurement of vibration of electric machines (induction, synchronous and DC machines)
  8. vibration Measurement of pipelines according to GOST
  9. vibration Measurement of the bases and stationary objects using the formula in the modal analysis
  10. Definition of resonances and antiresonances in the constructions of machines and mechanisms

Please note that the re services we can offer you discounts of 10-30%.