Vibrometer BALTECH VP-3410

Classic vibrometer BALTECH VP-3410 won the hearts of all diagnostic units of its simplicity, reliability and a competitive price/functionality. More than 900 of the devices operated on the market today.

The strategy of “three dimension button” allows to solve any problem of vibration condition monitoring in any industry. Install vibration sensor magnetic clamp on the bearing support, click measure and record the result. It’s very simple! You only need to compare the value of the measured parameter is vibration (A-acceleration, V-velocity or S-move) table-valued functions in the user manual to the device and make the decision about the technical condition diagnosed mechanism. Additionally, the vibration meter BALTECH VP-3410 allows to make a diagnostic measurement in high frequency region (HI) up to 10kHz. This measurement must be performed if you have a suspicion of the presence of defects in the bearing Assembly.

The scope of delivery and warranty

the vibration meter BALTECH VP-3410 comes with a guarantee of 12 months, on request you can increase the warranty period when you order the unit to 24 or 36 months. The classical scheme of vibrometer with a remote vibration sensor and the magnet provides the minimum error of the measurement, since force is always the same.

  • measuring Unit
  • vibration Transducer with cable and magnet
  • the battery
  • user Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Packing
Extended warranty
Delivery time
Wholesale price


Unification of all of our series “VibroPoint” allows you to work with one software BALTECH-Expert, which any expert can quickly and easily build a vibration trend to predict a residual resource. The program “trade-In” you can replace any heating on new devices BALTECH VP-3410. For bulk purchases of refrigerators we provide flexible discounts up to 20%.

  • Dimension one button
  • Small weight and dimensions
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Measurement of high frequency vibrations
  • Dimension one button
  • Small weight and dimensions
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Measurement of high frequency vibrations


Features Values
measuring Range
the peak vibration acceleration, m/S2
RMS of vibration velocity, mm/sec
the magnitude of vibration displacement, microns
0.1 – 199.9
0.1 – 199.9
0.001 – 1.999
Frequency response:
in the measurement of acceleration
when measuring vibration velocity
when measuring the vibration displacement
10 – 1000; 1000-10000
10 – 1000
10 – 500
Absolute extended neopredelennosti
for channels of vibration acceleration measurement
(at the reference frequency 160 Hz) and vibration velocity
(at the reference frequency 80 Hz)
±2 units ml.
±(0.05 x x)
Absolute extended neopredelennosti
the channels measure the vibration
(for a reference frequency of 45 Hz)
±2 units ml. discharge
±(0.06 x x) where x is measured
the value of the vibration characteristics
continuous operation 25
working temperature Range, ° C 0-50
overall dimensions 138×68×30
Weight, g 270