The vibration meter BALTECH VP-3405 (-2)
Vibrometer series “VibroPoint” is a unique solution for measuring the vibration of industrial equipment. Innovative design vibrancy, small size, simple and easy to use portable vibration meter has many advantages compared to conventional refrigerators on the market.

The pocket-sized version of the vibration meter BALTECH VP-3405(-2) allows one button push to measure one of the three necessary for you of vibration parameters (displacement-S, velocity-V or the acceleration-A). For rapid measurement of RMS vibration machine and making a decision about technical condition of the equipment even no experience spends only a few minutes. Using the software BALTECH-Expert software you can easily construct a trend of changes in vibration over time and to predict the remaining life of your equipment.

  • measuring Unit
  • the battery
  • Protective case
  • user Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Packing
  • Dimension one button
  • Small weight and dimensions
  • Innovative design
  • carrying Clip: belt
  • Extended warranty
  • the Program “trade-In”
  • Free training
  • instock

Model vibrometer BALTECH VP-3405 BALTECH VP-3405-2
Measured parameters Measured parameters Measured parameters
measuring Range 0,1-199,9 1-1999 (double scale)
0,1-199,9 (RMS)
0,01 a-199,9 (amplitude)
Frequency range 10Hz-1kHz 10Hz-500Hz
measurement Error ±5%±2 ±5%±2
Display LCD, 3½ sign, the update interval of 0.5 seconds. LCD, 3½ sign, the update interval of 0.5 seconds.
Power Two batteries – tablets (LR44 or SR44) Two batteries – tablets (LR44 or SR44)
working Time 10 hours continuous operation 12 hours of continuous operation
operating temperature Range -50C…+450 -50C…+450
environmental Conditions relative humidity:<85% relative humidity:<85%
Dimensions (W×d×h) mm 150×22×18 150×22×18
Weight electronic units/sets 50g/90g 50g/90g