Vibration tester BALTECH VP-3450

From the technical condition of rolling bearings and lubrication quality depends on reliable operation of any dynamic equipment. Vibration tester BALTECH VP-3450 is intended for diagnostics of gears, bearings and condition of lubricant in the bearing units by shock pulse.

Method the shock pulse applied more than 50 years and has established itself as the easiest and most convenient for fault detection in bearings and gearboxes. A simple algorithm for the measurement of our device, and its competitive ratio price/performance positioning of this diagnostic kit, as the most advanced and versatile on the market of diagnostic equipment. Measurement of shock impulses are conducted directly to the bearing housing using the headphones and the vibration sensor with the probe. Prior to measuring the vibration level in decibels and Express-diagnostics of the bearing you only need to enter the value of the diameter of the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft rotational speed (of the rotor).

The scope of delivery and warranty

vibration Tester BALTECH VP-3450 in the standard delivery has a warranty of 12 months, when you need to order this kit with extended warranty of 24 or 36 months. Additional components to extend the capabilities of the system you can view on our website under “Accessories”.

  • measuring Unit
  • Sensor with cable and probe to
  • Headphones
  • Screwdriver service
  • the battery
  • table control
  • user Manual
  • Passport
  • Case shipping
  • Packing
Extended warranty
Delivery time
Wholesale price


the Express-diagnostics of bearings and lubrication quality, but also gears easier and cheaper is determined using the method of shock pulse, which is implemented in the vibration tester BALTECH VP-3450. Classical spectral diagnostics of the analysers are more expensive and difficult.

Our flexible program “trade-In” replacement of the old vibroseparator new vibration tester BALTECH VP-3450 allows you to save a lot of money. For bulk purchases of testers of vibration we provide one-off discounts up to 15%.

  • the Express-diagnostics of bearings
  • the Express-diagnostics of gearboxes
  • the rapid diagnosis lubrication
  • table for trending
  • Extended warranty
  • the Program “trade-In”
  • Free training
  • instock


Features Values
measurement Range amplitude shock pulse dBsv -9 ~ 99
resolution, dBsv 1
Max absolute error of measuring the amplitude of the shock pulse is not more dBsv ±2
supply Voltage 9
overall dimensions 255х105х60
Weight 0,8