• Тренинг-стенд для выполнения обучения по виброконтролю и балансировки серии BALTECH

Training stand to perform the training on vibration monitoring & balancing BALTECH

The most important accessory for BALTECH VP is a training stand for the education and training of diagnosticians and repair personnel of your company. This training kit allows not only to simulate different levels of vibration, but also to certify your staff in the direction of “single-plane dynamic balancing on site”

  • Тренинг-стенд для выполнения обучения по виброконтролю и 3-х плоскостной балансировки серии «ПРОТОН-Стенд»

Training stand to perform the training on vibration control and 3-plane balancer “PROTON-Stand”

An important accessory for BALTECH VP is training stand for certification and advanced training of power engineers and mechanics in the direction of “Adjusting and 3-plane balancing in own bearings dynamic rotary machines”. More than 100 stands have operated successfully in colleges, Universities and training centres of industrial enterprises.

  • Учебный мультимедийный курс о методам и правилам измерения вибрации с помощью виброметров серии BALTECH VP

Multimedia training course on the methods and rules of measurement of vibration using refrigerators BALTECH VP

Accessory in the form of the electronic manual is always relevant in the modern educational process in any enterprise in any industry. This multimedia course was developed by specialists of “BALTECH” company (Russia) and is recommended for all service and maintenance departments. Return this interactive training course only 5 days.

  • Виброметр BALTECH VP-3405/3405-2

The measuring unit of vibrorate BALTECH VP-3405

Accessory in the form of an electronic unit vibroluxes BALTECH VP-3405 is unique, when your electronic box has failed and the costs of repair exceeds the value of the display unit.

  • Элемент питания, 1.5 В, тип LR44

The power source for the vibration meter BALTECH VP, 1.5 V, type LR44

Built-in accumulators (batteries) for BALTECH VP-3405-2 we recommend you to purchase from our company, because in recent years, many customers buy the competition with low performance, which leads to accelerated wear of our equipment.

  • Чехол

Leather case for vibrancy BALTECH VP-3405 (black)

Leather case for vibroluxes is the most important accessory for BALTECH VP-3405-2. This leather case not only ensures the safety of our vibroluxes, but with the help of special clips securely attach this hardware to the strap and belt.

  • Руководство по эксплуатации BALTECH VP-3405/3405-2

The user manual for the vibration meter BALTECH VP-3405

If you have lost the manual for our processing documents or you need to our pocket-sized version of the instructions were always a few specialists, purchase a batch of these instructions we. Accessories BALTECH VP – is the key to reliable and correct operation of the line staff.

  • Упаковка для виброметра BALTECH VP-3405/3405-2

Evroupakovka (box) to BALTECH VP-3405

Accessories BALTECH VP allow you to keep your appliances in safe and sound for a long time. Transport and move our equipment only in special boxes with padded inserts that will extend the life of the refrigerators and save you Finance.

  • Блок измерительный BALTECH VP-3410

The measuring unit of vibration meter BALTECH VP-3410

Accessories BALTECH VP is always available to you from our warehouse. Sometimes it is economically more expedient to purchase an additional measuring unit of the vibrometer for different departments and specialists of various level of technical divisions of your company.

  • Вибродатчик с кабелем и магнитным прижимом

Vibration sensor with cable, magnetic clamp and protective washer

Accessories BALTECH VP will always be useful and relevant, if you order additional spare anti-vibration cable sensor and magnet. It will always be your fall-back option in remote servicing and reduces your time to repair equipment.

  • Элемент питания, 9В, тип D (EF22, 6LR61)

The power source for the vibration meter BALTECH VP-3410, 9V, type D (EF22, 6LR61)

Accessories BALTECH VP purchased in our company are original. It is no secret that businesses and most of our users trying to save money buying analogs of batteries, and very often regret about the spent resources and time.

  • Руководство по эксплуатации BALTECH VP-3410

The user manual for the vibration meter BALTECH VP-3410

Manual in colour on the vibration meter is the key to proper and effective operation of any service engineer. Accessories BALTECH VP best buy in our company is wholesale, as this will save you money on transportation.

  • Упаковка BALTECH VP-3410

Evroupakovka (box) to BALTECH VP-3410

BALTECH branded shipping box with soft polyurethane insert will ensure the safety and durability of operated equipment. Accessories BALTECH VP buy only from us or authorized dealers of the company BALTECH.

  • Блок измерительный BALTECH VP-3450

Block measuring vibrotactile bearings BALTECH VP-3450

When buying more electronic measuring units, our refrigerators, we guarantee you discounts up to 10-20%. Spare or new measuring unit will always provide you with a planned schedule of diagnostic work. Accessories BALTECH VP order only “BALTECH”.

  • Датчик с кабелем BALTECH VP-3450

the Sensor is a shock pulse for bearing diagnostics by vibrotactile BALTECH VP-3450

Spare sensor vibration shock pulse is always useful to work in the direction of vibration diagnostics. In this case you can compare the readings of the two calibrated sensors at any time. Accessories BALTECH VP purchasing only from authorized distributors.

  • Наушники BALTECH VP-3450

Head phones (headphones) to listen to the bearings vibroaction BALTECH VP-3450

If you have a suspicion that at the time of diagnosis of bearings you can hear more clearly the impact noise from the bearing, we recommend you to purchase a spare (new) head phones with us. Accessories BALTECH VP are always available for regular customers.

  • Отвертка BALTECH VP-3450

Screwdriver for service of BALTECH VP-3450

it is No secret that for disassembly and replacement of batteries the majority of users use the means at hand. Use only certified accessories BALTECH VP and the life of your refrigerators will not be restricted.

  • Элемент питания BALTECH VP-3450

power source for vibrometer BALTECH VP-3450

the Last time the world faced a serious problem of application of non-liquid food items. All accessories BALTECH VP must have the warranty card standard IORS-2020. Only in this case we guarantee.

  • Таблица контрольная BALTECH VP-3450

table control to build trends by shock pulse

For the construction of trends (changes of vibration parameter over time) you need the map of the survey of the machine. This map is supplied by us in each set of refrigerators for the diagnosis of rolling bearings, but if you lose the laminated pattern, you can buy from us original.

  • Руководство по эксплуатации BALTECH VP-3450

Manual vibrometer BALTECH VP-3450

often the Very instructions, passport and operation manual engineers, metrologists, service engineers and one instance supplied by our company is not enough. In this case, the accessories BALTECH VP order.

  • Паспорт BALTECH VP-3450

Passport vibrometer BALTECH VP-3450

All the equipment of the series “VibroPoint” produced by “BALTECH” company only comes with a manual and a warranty card. If you need one or several copies of the passports at this instrument, you can order on the website under “Accessories BALTECH VP”.

  • Кейс транспортировочный BALTECH VP-3450

transport Case for vibrotactile bearings BALTECH VP-3450

the key to long, reliable and safe operation of refrigerators BALTECH VP is “neat” transportation of measuring equipment to the place of application. Order accessories BALTECH VP and handling cases only in the company BALTECH.

  • Упаковка BALTECH VP-3450

packaging Box for vibromaster bearings BALTECH VP-3450

Not only all the accessories and carrying case must be clean and dry place, but also the packaging. Branded packing box BALTECH provides accessories for all types of BALTECH VP comfortable movement and be a catalyst for moisture, and it has a plastic tilt sensor.